Melanie's Day Spa

"A Better Spa Experience"

chelsea lash tech photo


We are excited to announce that our very own Chelsea (aka Cheltz!) is now seeing clients for lashes and waxing!!  She is a Class 1 Cosmetologist, and has been for many years, so we have encouraged her to put those skills to use at our spa!!!  So, she has been training "new" Erica, to take the reins at the desk.  Her years of talent with hair and make-up made it an easy transition as she picked up eyelash extensions quicker than anyone I have ever seen!  She is available for appointments Monday-Friday!


Susan has been an integral part of our team for over a year now.  She is highly skilled in Deep Tissue and Therapeutic  massage.  She loves to see the change in her clients and the relief they feel after weekly, then monthly appointments with her, when working on a targeted area. 

Susan is available for appointments Monday-Thursday, and Sunday