Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $125 / Regular Fill $40

Extended Fill $50 / Partial Set $60-$85

Touch-Up $25

Natural Lash Treatments

Lash Lift $60 / Lash Lift & Tint $80

Lash Tint / Upper & Lower - $15 / $25

Brow Tint  - $15 / Brow Tint & Wax - $25


Want to have long beautiful lashes? Or a just a natural more "full" look?? Well we can help!!  We have lashes for everyone!  We carry a wide variety of lengths, widths and curls to accommodate whatever look you want to achieve.  We currently have five highly trained Lash Artists that are available seven days a week for appointments!  So we are here when you need us!   

What you need to know?
Home care is VERY important!  You need to take care of your lashes in order for them stay beautiful!  You can live normally, work out, wear makeup etc.  It's all in how you care for them  When you shower or wash your face, do not wash your face with a cloth or wipe your lashes.  Baby them.  If you wear makeup, do not wear waterproof.  We recommend (and sell, if you need it) mascara that is made for lash extensions.  It has special ingredients that conditions the lashes and is also easy to remove.  We recommend cleansing any makeup ABOVE the eye with q-tips.  BUT the best thing about having the lashes is that you DON'T need makeup!  You wake up looking fabulous!! :)  Stay away from any products that contain oil! (makeup remover, moisturizers, eye cream) It will loosen the bonds.  

Do not pull on your lashes.  We will give you a little lash brush to tame any "unruly" lashes, like first thing in the morning.  It's important to come in every couple weeks to maintain your lashes.  Not only do we replace the lashes that fell off, we remove any lashes that are grown out too far (when they have been on too long, the extension grows too far out onto your natural lash.  When that happens, it tends to twist and becomes "unruly")

When coming in for lash appointments please DO NOT wear eye makeup!  We understand that sometimes you may be coming from work and it's hard to be with out, but at least NO MASCARA.  We can not apply extensions to lashes that have makeup on them, we use a primer to clean the lashes but it can not remove all of the mascara and the glue will not adhere correctly.