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(60 minutes) / $68

A customized facial consisting of a deep cleansing, exfoliation, a powerful serum, a relaxing massage, an appropriate mask, and a finishing moisturizer that will revitalize your skin and give it an instant glow.

(60 minutes) / $78

This cooling seaweed and organic silicone mask provides instant radiance by hydrating, soothing, decongesting and minimizing redness.  A great treatment after a day in the sun and for those that generally have sensitive skin.

(60 MINUTES) / $88

Does your skin need a good cleaning? This deep cleansing facial is ideal for clients experiencing clogged skin or inflamed skin. This facial includes a salicylic acid chemical peel and a calming clay finishing mask!

(60 minutes) / $88

A 5-step treatment formulated with BHA, AHA’s and Probiotics, designed to clear skin congestion, detoxify, control acne and to normalize skin.  This extraordinary facial also revitalizes fatigued, stress and dull skin.  

(60 minutes) / $98

This beautiful 5-phase anti-aging treatment exfoliates, intensely hydrates, restores, lifts and firms the skin.  An immediate non-surgical lift that is great anyone attending a special event.

(60 minutes) / $108

Turn back the time with this powerful antioxidant treatment, which incorporates Vitamin C, seaweed and an organic mud mask.  Sea C Spa reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the skin’s natural defenses, and restores your skin’s youthful appearance. 

(60 minutes) / $118

The alliance of 3 innovative sciences, 1 Nobel Prize winning discovery in medicine, 7 international patents, and 5 yrs of research and development  led to the creation of this NEW GENERATION anti-aging treatment, that promotes the cellular vitality of the skin and delays the appearance of the visible signs of aging.  *Recommended in a series of 4 treatments for long-lasting results.

(75 minutes) / $148

Exclusive to GM Collin, this intensive anti-aging treatment hydrates, regenerates, tightens and reconfigures the skin's surface to reduce the visible signs of aging without surgery! 

*Recommended in a series of 5 treatments for long-lasting results.

(75 minutes) / $158

A gentle cosmetic alternative, this innovative clinical treatment acts as a wrinkle corrector.  Combining 5 peptides with Vitamin A corrects superficial & deeper wrinkles without the pain and worry!  After one treatment, lines are relaxed and smoothed and skin is left plumper, re-densified, and exquisitely rejuvenated.  *Recommended in a series of 4 treatments for long-lasting results.

(30 minutes) / $48

A variety of professional chemical peels to choose from  that will be appropriate for everyone!  These peels will provide a deep exfoliation that brightens the complexion, reduce the sign of aging, diminish dark spots, promote the development of new skin cells, and leave the skin feeling silky and smooth.  All of those results without excessive visible peeling and redness!

Express facials

Signature express / $38

BReakout express (includes peel) / $48

anti-aging express (includes Peel) / $48



A rapid, deep exfoliation which removes dead skin cells, evens skin tone, and helps the penetration of active ingredients in products subsequently applied.


This amazing treatment to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around your eyes can be the perfect add on to any facial!

Dermaplaning / $45


full treatment

50 minutes / $90

Cleansing the skin, dermaplaning, chemical peel, application of proper finishing mask, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream.

Express Treatment

30 minutes / $60

Cleansing the skin, dermaplaning, chemical peel, and application on appropriate moisturizer.


Massage Therapy 


Relaxation, Therapeutic, Pre-Natal Massage

30 minutes - $38 / 60 minutes - $68 / 90 minutes - $98

Relaxation Massage / A full body massage with light to medium pressure. There is no focus work and is a general massage for a person who want to relax and/or increase circulation.

Therapeutic Massage / A full body massage with light to medium pressure with some focus work.

Pre-Natal Massage / A full body massage for expecting women.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes - $50 / 60 minutes - $85 / 90 minutes - $110

Deep Tissue Massage will warm your muscles with deep strokes by using elbows and knuckles to strip away scar tissue and manipulate sore fatigued muscles. *Not recommended for first massage or those in acute pain.

Hot Stone Massage

30 minutes - $50 / 60 minutes - $85 / 90 minutes - $110

Hot Stone Massage *Not recommended for pregnant women or clients with high blood pressure.

Foot Massage

30 minutes - $35

Treatment includes a soothing foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub and hot towels. It is a perfect treat for tired and/or sore feet.



Eyelash Treatments 


Eyelash Extensions

Classic Full Set / $140

Touch - up $25 / Regular Fill $40 / Extended Fill $50 / Partial Set $85

Hybrid full set / $160

Touch - up $30 / Regular Fill $45 / Extended Fill $55 / Partial Set $85 - $125

Volume full set / $180

Touch - up $35 / Regular Fill $50 / Extended Fill $60 / Partial Set $85 - $125

lash lift & tint

lash lift / $60

Our “low maintenance” solution for lashes that need a little “pop”! This eyelash treatment will leave your natural lashes with a beautiful curl that lasts up to 8 weeks!

lash lift & tint / $80

Lash tint (upper or lower/both) / $15/$25

Brow Tint / $15

Brow Tint & Wax / $25


Want to have long beautiful lashes? Or a just a natural more "full" look?? Well we can help!!  We have lashes for everyone!  We carry a wide variety of lengths, widths and curls to accommodate whatever look you want to achieve.  We currently have five highly trained Lash Artists that are available seven days a week for appointments!  So we are here when you need us!   

What you need to know?
Home care is VERY important!  You need to take care of your lashes in order for them stay beautiful!  You can live normally, work out, wear makeup etc.  It's all in how you care for them  When you shower or wash your face, do not wash your face with a cloth or wipe your lashes.  Baby them.  If you wear makeup, do not wear waterproof.  We recommend (and sell, if you need it) mascara that is made for lash extensions.  It has special ingredients that conditions the lashes and is also easy to remove.  We recommend cleansing any makeup ABOVE the eye with q-tips.  BUT the best thing about having the lashes is that you DON'T need makeup!  You wake up looking fabulous!! :)  Stay away from any products that contain oil! (makeup remover, moisturizers, eye cream) It will loosen the bonds.  

Do not pull on your lashes.  We will give you a little lash brush to tame any "unruly" lashes, like first thing in the morning.  It's important to come in every couple weeks to maintain your lashes.  Not only do we replace the lashes that fell off, we remove any lashes that are grown out too far (when they have been on too long, the extension grows too far out onto your natural lash.  When that happens, it tends to twist and becomes "unruly")

When coming in for lash appointments please DO NOT wear eye makeup!  We understand that sometimes you may be coming from work and it's hard to be with out, but at least NO MASCARA.  We can not apply extensions to lashes that have makeup on them, we use a primer to clean the lashes but it can not remove all of the mascara and the glue will not adhere correctly.  

 Spa Treatments



Eyebrow (clean up) / $15
Eyebrow (reshaping) / $20
Lip / $10
Eyebrow (clean up) and Lip / $20
Face (side burns, chin, lip) / $25
Chin / $10
Underarm / $15

Lower/Upper Arm / $25
Full Arm / $40
Bikini / $30
Partial Brazilian / $48 Brazilian Bikini / $58
Back / $55
Upper/Lower Leg / $45
Full Leg / $75 Chest / $50


Spa Treatments

Delicious Body Scrub (60 minutes) / $65
Clarifying Back Treatment (45 minutes) / $50
Reflexology (30 minutes/60 minutes) / $30/$55
Polarity (30 minutes/60 minutes) / $30/$55

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